Castor Essential Oil Hair Benefits

Castor Oil Hair Benefits

Castor Essential Oil Hair Benefits and Applications

Castor essential oil is recognized for its effective qualities. The oil is used as a natural and pain killing solution. But the main use of castor oil is hair care. Individuals have used castor oil for hair and skin treatment for generations.

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Benefits of Castor Essential Oil for Hair

Hydrating and nourishing:

Castor essential oil is so efficient for hair care due to the existence of the ricinoleic acid in its formula.  Ricinoleic acid is an un-saturated omega-9 fatty acid. It assists hydrate and take care of the hair. It quickly enters the hair follicles and maintains the moisture inside the hair. It layers the hair and stops it from drying. If you have boring and vulnerable hair castor oil will aid. It makes the hair healthier and more shiny from within.

Anti-microbial and anti-fungal actions:

The ricinoleic and undecylenic acids have germicidal, anti-fungal and insecticidal qualities. Castor oil can be used to cure scalp illnesses, for instance, seborrheic dermatitis, triggered by fungi or bacteria.

Prevention of hair loss:

As castor essential oil fortifies the hair and helps remove hair problems it avoids hair loss. It does not develop the hair as the hair will not grow faster but the use of castor oil on hair helps have dense hair and enables to avoid balding.

Dandruff treatment:

As the ricinoleic acid in castor essential oil has the curing effect it can aid get rid of the causes of dandruff. It is a great idea to add jojoba oil to castor oil and rub the scalp after washing the hair.

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How to Use Castor Essential Oil on Hair

When you use castor essential oil for hair care you should not implement the oil on the hair. It is essential to rub it onto the scalp and put on the roots. Spread the oil equally.  Castor oil will go through the hair follicles and roots and take good care of your hair. The oil is dense and if you use it on the hair it will be challenging for you to wash it. Cover your head with a soft towel and eave for several hours. Wash well.

If you want to use castor essential oil straight to the hair mix it with lighter oil, for instance sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or olive oil (olive oil is applied for hair development). It reduces the oil thickness and the oil will be taken out more simply. You may add extra virgin coconut oil to castor oil as coconut oil is efficient for restoring weak and boring hair. You may also include a few drops of essential oil to the mix, for instance rosemary oil or lavender oils. Essential oils are recovery too and may double the effect.
Continue with castor oil use twice a week for at least a month. Don’t use the oil too frequently; you’d better include food rich in vitamins B and E to preserve your hair nutritious.

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Does castor Essential Oil Make your Hair Grow? Before and After Photos

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