Castor Essential Oil Skin Benefits

Castor Oil Skin Benefits

Benefits of Castor Essential Oil for Skin

Castor essential oil for skincare is extensively used by a lot of people as the oil offers a variety of benefits for skin. Castor oil is produced from castor beans. It is colorless to very light yellow with almost no smell. The oil may be cold pressed or solution produced. It can be natural or not.  Choose cold pressed and organic oil to feel the awesome qualities of castor oil for skin.

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Why to Select Castor Essential Oil for Skin Care:

Castor essential oil has 95% ricinoleic acid which is an omega-9 fatty acid. It is very efficient for skin care. It has the anti-inflammatory effect. The oil also has undecylenic acid with anti-fungal propertu. Anti-oxidants and minerals in castor oil protect against the skin from growing older. The mixture of these nutrients makes castor oil one of the most efficient skin care solutions.

Benefits of Castor Essential Oil for Skin


Castor oil is highly suggested for dry skin. The fatty acids of castor oil go through the skin cells and restore the moisture balance from inside. Furthermore, the oil aids prevent the skin drying. It makes a unique coating for skin cells blocking the loss of moisture in the skin, which is very significant in winter. If individuals suffer from damaged ankles or elbows they may use castor oil to the impacted area over night to soften the skin.


Castor essential oil for skin provides a nutrition origin. It offers the cells with the essential nutrients. The oil is consumed easily deep into the skin layers and feeds the skin avoiding wrinkles and skin issues.
Healing  Acne: One of the main gains of castor oil on skin is its capability to cure microbial, fungal and even popular infections. Consequently, castor oil can help cure acne. The oil is an amazing face scrub. it eliminates dead cells and hydrates the skin. Because of the fatty acids in its structure castor oil may destroy bacteria and ceases acne outbreaks. Blend it with coconut oil for acne therapy.

Healing Inflamed skin: 

The ricinoleic acid has the anti-inflammatory impact on the skin. Castor oil may settle down the inflamed areas, cure rashes and eczema.

Healing Warts: 

Warts is a popular infection. Castor oil may assist you remove warts as it has the antiviral qualities. You should implement the oil daily on the warts for two weeks.

Healing Fungal infections: 

Castor oil is used to treat athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus. The undecyleic acid in castor oil destroys fungi and also prevents yeast growth. Just dip a cloth in castor oil and wrap it over the contaminated area. Leave over night. Do it again daily.

Healing For Skin Moles:

Skin moles may show up anywhere. Generally individuals turn to operative approaches to remove them. Castor essential oil is one of the natural remedy towards skin moles. A paste of baking soda and castor oil used on the skin mole may assist you eliminate it. Keep in mind that all natural therapies need more time and frequent use.

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Castor Essential Oil for Skin Problems

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