Tea Tree Essential Oil Hair Treatment - How to Get Healthy Hair

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Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil for Hair

Tea tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant generally known as as narrow-leaved tea tree, indigenous to New South Wales, Australia.  The application of tea tree oil for hair care, together with skin therapy, can fight bacterial and fungal illnesses of the scalp.

Tea tree essential oil is a pure germ killing and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities relating to researches. It is frequently added to shampoos as it can assist cure scalp infections and irritations.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair

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Uses of Tree Tea Essential Oil

Eliminate Dandruff with Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is verified to protect against and cure dandruff. It unblocks the hair follicles and fights harmful bacteria living on the scalp.

Tea Tree Essential Oil and Hair Loss:

Tea tree oil prevents hair loss. Blocked follicles and bacteria growing on the scalp usually result in dandruff and hair loss. Tea tree oil opens the hair follicles, eliminates the dead skin, destroys bacteria and fungi thus avoiding hair loss. You may mix tea tree oil with castor oil for hair loss protection.

Tea Tree Essential Oil and Hair Growth

Tea tree oil moisturizes hair and scalp and stops skin infections and leads to to healthy hair growth.

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil for Hair

You may use tea tree essential oil on hair in various ways. You may make a hair mask blending tea tree oil with almond oil or yet another carrier oil in a rate 1 to 10. There is an amazing macadamia nut oil hair mask formula. Just include tea tree oil to it. Many hair shampoos already incorporate 5-10% of tea tree oil. You may basically blend one part of tea tree oil with 9 parts of normal shampoo to make your own anti-bacterial and treatment shampoo. Or put tea tree oil to home made argan oil shampoo. You may make a tea tree oil ointment with anti-bacterial qualities to wash your hair. Use tea tree oil hair care solutions once a day

Further things to consider

Tea tree essential oil may be worthless for some sorts of hair loss, due to autoimmune circumstances, age or heredity. Moreover, you may need extra stronger therapies if you experience from severe scalp problems or dandruff.
When used to the scalp, tea tree oil can lead to an allergic reaction, for instance redness, skin rashes or itchiness.  If you notice any reaction, stay away from tea tree essential oil. Look for professional medical attention in case of serious side effects.

Castor Essential Oil Hair Benefits and Applications

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Hair - Dandruff Treatment At Home

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